High-Quality Writing Services for Cheap Prices

High-Quality Writing Services for Cheap Prices

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Adverbs and adjectives are both used to modify other words, allowing us to provide more information about something we’re describing. They’re also both essential to good grammar and communicating clearly in writing.

However, despite these similarities, adverbs and adjectives may also be importantly distinct, so it’s essential to comprehend the differences between them.

Adverbs (Words that Modify an Action)

Adverbs are words that modify a verb, adjective and sometimes even another adverb, usually by describing the way in which something takes place or even the nature of a state that is particular of. Typically, an adverb shall specify how, why, when, where, as to the extent or even the frequency with which something happens.

When you look at the full case of verbs (in other words. doing words), it is easy to see how adverbs work. The adverb ‘firmly’ is used to modify the verb ‘denied’ in the following sentence, for example

The president firmly denied the rumours about his love life.

Here, ‘firmly’ means ‘with force’, showing us something about how the action described occurred.

‘It was only one little scandal, honest.’

Adverbs can also be used to add detail when utilizing an adjective, such as for instance when ‘very’ can be used as an intensifier (e.g. saying something is ‘very unpleasant’ shows it is worse than simply ‘unpleasant’):

The rumours were very unpleasant.

Or they can be used alongside another adverb, like in the following:

The storyline spread worryingly quickly.

Here, one adverb (‘worryingly’) modifies a second (‘quickly’), combining to tell us something exactly how the verb (‘spread’) occurs (i.e. that the speed that the story spread caused concern).

Most adverbs result in ‘-ly’, which makes it easier to know when a word is an adverb. But it isn’t always the full case, such much like ‘very’, ‘now’ or ‘almost’, so you can’t rely on this rule at all times.

Adjectives (Words that Modify Nouns)

Adjectives primarily modify nouns and pronouns. What this means is us something about the properties of an object or person, such as its size, origin, purpose or colour that they tell.

Adjectives are therefore great for clarifying something in a sentence, since adding an adjective allows us to specify the particular exemplory instance of a noun being discussed: ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are both adjectives, by way of example, them to distinguish between a ‘good dog’ (one that scares off a burglar) and a ‘bad dog’ (one that steals the family silver) so we could use.

‘Bad dog! No more crimes, or else!’

It’s also worth noting as you are able to sometimes form an adverb out of an adjective, typically with the addition of that is‘-ly the end (or replacing the ‘-y’ with an ‘-ily’ when an adjective already ends in a ‘y’, such as for example when ‘happy’ becomes ‘happily’).

If you’re ever unsure about whether you’re using a certain adverb or adjective correctly, having your work proofread by a professional is a idea that is great.

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