Our candidates are experienced
individuals who have used their
knowledge and developed
unparalleled know-how over
the years.
By choosing Opportunités Plus,
you add value to your personnel.
Experienced candidates provide
sure value to your company.

Recruiting and placing candidates 

Are you a person with experience? Have you developed a number of work-related assets over the past years? Are you professional and reliable? Are you looking for a good job that will give you fulfillment while also letting you enjoy life?

Send us your application. We will be happy to meet with you to get to know your profile and aspirations for this new path in your professional life
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Do you need help managing your human resources?
As a manager, you face many challenges each day to ensure your organization’s success and to remain a leader in your field. Maintaining your people’s interest and level of performance is also a challenge. Do you need professional help to recruit new talent, minimize your personnel turnover or mobilize your teams? Opportunités Plus can help you.
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Opportunités Plus − Experience speaks for itself