recruiting and placement
firm that deals
mainly with
candidates having more than
25 years of experience.

Individuals are recruited for temporary or permanent positions in the following sectors:

• Specialized trades and industrial management
• Industrial support, production and manufacturing
• Customer service, individual and business services
• Sales and marketing
• Administrative support, accounting and finance
• Human resources
• Managers, executives and healthcare professionals
• Other sectors

To meet company needs by proposing experienced, solid and well-chosen candidates.

To provide unparalleled, personalized service. Opportunités Plus looks at a person’s interest and expertise and proposes the best qualified candidates for a given position.

Colette Dubois, president
Colette Dubois holds a Bachelor’s degree in health sciences from Bishop’s University and has more than 25 years of experience as a manager or senior executive in operations management, which she acquired working for different companies in the food processing and manufacturing sectors.

This talented manager is passionate about developing human capital, encouraging teamwork and improving a company’s way of doing things, and has always relied upon synergy between peers, respect and trust while fostering a climate of transparency within her work teams.

Colette Dubois is a determined woman with excellent interpersonal skills, a warm and empathetic approach and a great sense of leadership. Ms. Dubois’ goal is to make constant improvements via a participatory management approach. Her company, Opportunités Plus, with its reliable team that will meet your needs, is a reflection of who she is.